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Our NAABB Philosophy

Confidentiality is Priority #1. Our 1-on-1 philosophy is a unique systematic approach to selling a business. The business owner becomes an integral part of the process because who knows their business better than them? We act as their business agent with the business owner as the star meaning we represent their interests allowing them to present their business. And before we introduce any qualified buyer to the business owner, we will have fully coached them in the process including EVERY conceivable question a business buyer will have for them. And we will be with them in every meeting.

Normal business brokers list as many businesses as they can (sometimes with a retainer or listing fee) hoping a few of them sell. We believe in an individualized 1-on-1 approach with our business seller clients. We DO NOT "list businesses" hoping a few of them sell rather we only work with a selective number of quality businesses that we know that we can sell. While we consider ourselves business brokers - we do more from a valuation to coaching to complete support. AND we get paid on the contingency of closing on our businesses for sale. We get paid on success NOT via some misguided up-front fee!

We coach the business owners. We start by completing our comprehensive Business Market Valuation then if we both agree to our valuation then we will list the business. The FIRST thing we will do is spend a couple of hours with them TOTALLY preparing them for everything that they will encounter in the process INCLUDING every conceivable question a business buyer will have for them. Then we partner with them by attending every meeting with buyers, working due diligence with the buyers then securing the offers. Last we manage all contingencies thereby getting them through to the closing.

And we don't wait for offers to come in rather we solicit offers from the qualified buyers!

We have completed comprehensive training that prepares us for all facets of selling or valuing a business. We understand the utmost importance of confidentiality and live by the fact that confidentiality begins the moment that you contact us. We also understand the necessity of qualifying buyers and realize that a business will not sell to an "unqualified" buyer.

We are not "door to door" salespeople rather we believe in communication and an educational approach to identifying and helping you achieve your objectives. We are not pushy and will NEVER try to convince you of anything.

Our first philosophy is "full disclosure" and we will fully disclose to you our services BEFORE any agreement has been signed and we will not mislead or deceive you because the only way that we get paid is when you do - at closing - so we practice the industry's top ethical procedures to get you there.

Our second philosophy is to provide professional Business Market Valuations to every business owner looking to sell so we can all understand the actual value of the business before signing an agreement. This Business Market Valuation will ONLY account for sales and cash flow that we can prove to business buyers.

Our third - and most important - philosophy is to allow our good service to dictate our commissions. We are taught to provide services as represented and that our commissions will follow. There are too many unethical and greedy brokers out there - and we are not one of them. We do not "lead the horse to water" rather we bring the water to the horse.